How to Make Origami Jumping Frog

How to Make Origami Jumping Frog – Your child school project deadline coming up? Fear not, that we will bear our own tutorial on how to make origami frog jumping. origami frog step by step art is an ancient art of paper folding, has been popular, even in today’s day and age its viability and flexibility of color patterns and designs that can be created with this technique of paper folding. origami frog video is one of these colorful vessels and of course its very easy.

How to Make Origami Jumping Frog

How to Make Origami Jumping Frog
If you are looking to learn how to make origami frog, You see only the right things! From the projects, your kids to to add a little touch to home and manual the art of origami, you can use this origami, the art in endless ways to let your imagination play for free and wildlife. It is a good idea dishes for the entertainment of children!

Create origami frog base is a fun and enjoyable activity to do. Well, I carry you to the wonderful step by step tutorial on how to easily make a paper frog jump.

Material Required For Making Origami Frog

  • An A4 sized paper
  • Black pen
  • A red paper
  • Scissors

Procedure to Make Origami Frog

Step 1: Taken an A4 size paper and fold it into the half.

Step 2: Take the paper, the white portion facing you, Take the top right and left-hand side corners and bring them down to the centre of the paper to make a pair of two triangles into making a book fold of the triangles meet the crease.

Step 3: Flip the paper to the other side and give a quick turn to the triangle to the other side, make a clear crease along the base of the paper.

Step 4: Now completely unfold the paper and cut out the long strip at the base of the triangle.

Step 5: Out of the rectangular cut out that you get, take the bottom left corner up to meet the crease and to make a triangle.

Step 6: Now in your hand you have a rectangular shaped cut-out with two squares with diagonal creases.

Step 7: Take the corner of the left-hand side and the right-hand side up to the middle of the paper to make two triangles to create the desired crease.

Step 8: Fold the paper into a book fold giving you two rectangles. This will give you an additional perpendicular crease that is bisecting the diagonals of the square.

Step 9: Now flip the paper and pay attention to the centre of each box. Hold the paper from both the sides of the central bisector and lay it flat so as to collect the corners and make a flat triangle out of it.

Step 10: Repeat the same process on the other square to give you two triangles with an opening on each side.

Step 11: Fold further as shown to make smaller triangles with multiple openings on all sides.

Step 12: Further, you should achieve one bigger triangle on one side and two smaller ones on the other.

Step 13: Keep folding these triangles further towards the outer side to give you the hands and feet of the frog.

Step 14: Lastly, fold the base of the frog in a paper valley pattern twice so as to help the frog bounce and jump off the ground well.

Step 15: After the frog is ready, take a black pen and draw two oval shaped eyes on the frog’s face.

Step 16: Take a red paper and cut out a smile for your frog.

And there goes his toad! Bouncing and jumping happily! It looks charming with that smile? And how it jumps and jumps alive the child in you. You can go wild when you create a design of your choice using the art of origami. We are sure that you will get your hands on one of these cute little origami jumping frog.

You try to make your own creation using origami frog art from youtube? Show us how the shot was to make a origami frog! We look forward to seeing your work!

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