Origami Flower for Kids (8 Petal Flower)

Origami Flower for Kids (8 Petal Flower) – This week, I’m trying to making Origami flowers for kids. So starting today I have tutorial Origami 8 Petal flower with step by step. In fact, I have seen this model long back and I don’t remember the exact name of the flower. We make this origami flowers bouquet with easy instructions for who beginners.

This model starts with origami bird base. It is not pure origami. You can tell kirigami or kusumada flower because it includes cutting in one step. You can get the instructions pdf with video on this website if you request it and of course i make it. You can evolve the origami flowers to origami flower rose or tulip with the vase, lily and folding the instructions with step/stem.

Origami Flower for Kids

Origami Flower for Kids (8 Petal Flower)
It is recommended to use two sides of colored paper (both sides are same color). If you use one side colored paper, make sure that the color appears on the petal that is folding, you need to be I so that u end up with the flower petals.

I used neon post-it paperwork for the model.

As I said earlier, I have seen this model origami long ago, I lost contact when I found him. So, for training tried to put some photos of the user themselves .as my first time on the instructions, sorry for any inconvenience that you may encounter.

Origami Flower for Kids Step by Step

Take a square piece of paper with colored side up.

Step 1:-Fold it along the diagonal to get a triangle shape as below.

Step 2-Join the two vertices of the triangle

Step 3-Bring the top flap over right and open the paper slightly .squash fold it.

step 4 Flip the paper over and repeat step 3 on the other side to get the square base.

Step 5:-Pull the 2 corners to the middle and fold as shown below

Step 6:- fold the top vertice as show below

Step 7: open the fold and lift the bottomcorner upwards as shown and fold along the crease line to get a triangle

Step 8 : – Repeat steps 5,6 and 7 on the other side.This is a bird base.

Step 9 :- fold all the flaps up

Step 10:- pull one of the triangular flap as shown.cut it along the middle crease up and fold it along the vertex.

Step 11: Repeat step 10 for all the flaps.

Step 12:- Squash the petals to get the flower.

It’s easy! 😀 if you’ve tried at home, comment below for the result !

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