Easy Origami Butterfly Step by Step

Easy Origami Butterfly Step by Step – Paper craft using the technique of paper folding origami is the modern and makes for a great craft to do at home. A fun craft for kids, origami, paper craft bring in a new dimension about easy DIY paper craft ideas origami butterfly for you we are presenting another fun and easy craft for kids to do. So get ready on how to make a easy origami butterfly video!

Paper, handmade crafts, which include high directions your creativity, give excellent results in small quantity and handmade crafts can make handmade gifts and projects.

This DIY paper craft origami butterfly this easy paper craft idea that she would take only take 5 minutes to create it. You can do several of them in different colors, and use this awesome ship as Main decorating idea. Use this butterfly using origami technique to add a touch of nature to your interior.

Material Required to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly

  • A pair of scissors
  • A4 sheet of coloured paper
  • Acrylic paints of various colours
  • Glitter tube

Let’s See Here How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly
Step 1: Take an A4 size coloured sheet. Fold one corner inside towards the centre of the sheet making a triangle and make a crease.

Step 2: Now, with the help of a folded triangle cut out an exact square from the sheet.

Step 3: Now fold in from another corner of the square to make a folded triangle. This will give you another crease.

Step 4: Next fold the square in two halve lengthwise and do the same with another side.

Step 5: In the end, you should be able to see 4 creases.

Step 6: Collect any two corners to the centre and hold the base in the centre of the square. Press the creases of the triangle that form in the base.

Step 7: Now press the square down from the middle and you get two overlapping triangles.


Step 8: Re-fold this to get one triangle of 4 layers.

Step 9: Cut any one vertex of the base of the butterfly, to give a rounded edge to the butterfly.

Step 10: Open the folds to get two overlapping triangles on each side, and then make a small triangle inside the bigger one.


Step 11: Fold the lower vertex to the other side, and give it a fold to the opposite side to make the head of the butterfly.

Step 12: Lastly, give the Origami Butterfly a shiny look by adding glitter designing on it.


Step 13: You can give a shaded natural effect with the help of acrylic colours on the butterfly’s wings. Add strokes of glitter to the wings of the butterfly too!

Can you imagine folding the craft paper to it so easily? And that too within 5 minutes you will receive a beautiful origami butterflies in bright and beautiful colors.

Paper craft can’t get any easier than this! These DIY paper art and craft family fun crafts and origami paper crafts to get everyone together to create something new and beautiful.

When you give, I try this origami butterfly? What colors you plan to use? You have several different design techniques for additional decorations easy origami butterfly? Would be happy to share your work with all boat lovers!

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